A vegan foodie in Paris!

This year I was finally able to join the Paris International Salsa Congress in April which means having a completely messed up day-night rhythm with dancing all night and getting a few hours of sleep during the day.

I haven’t been in Paris for a while and after spending time in the south of France last summer I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the French delicacies.
Since we rented a tiny studio apartment with a kitchen I didn’t do a lot of research beforehand – worst case I could live and pasta for a few days.

So, I arrived in Paris on Thursday night 10 pm heading from Gare du Nord to the hotel we booked for one night before moving into our cosy little studio. I wanted a little snack so I had a look at a Monop’ (French equivalent of Tesco Express) nearby. I found what I was hoping for: Taboulé oriental (couscous salad) and carottes râpées (grated carrots). Two salads you can find everywhere in France, taste delicious and are very likely to be vegan. This is an absolute lifesaver if you are starving and in need of a quick fix.

In our hotel room is checked Happy Cow for vegan breakfast options nearby.

If you don’t know Happy Cow, give it a try. It is a platform that lists vegan and vegetarian-friendly places all over the world. Especially helpful when you are travelling to a new place.

The most suitable place that came up was Laélo a completely vegan bakery that offers all the French things you want to try. So we went there for breakfast. I had a croissant and a pain au chocolat, my boyfriend went for a croissant almond. Additionally, we ordered coffee and a smoothie. This food made me so happy! I haven’t had a proper croissant in ages and this one was pure pastry perfection. I highly recommend a visit there!



WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 14.23.48
You can find Laélo on 63 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, the closest metro station is Poissonnière. Click on the picture to get to the Happy Cow page with more details.

Food: They have a big variety of French patisserie, sandwiches and salads. All vegan and organic.

Drinks: The coffee was excellent and so was the smoothie.

Service: Food is ordered and paid at the counter. The staff there was friendly and helpful.

Ambience: We sat outside in the sun which gave this breakfast the ultimate Parisian flair.

Summary: A lovely place with fantastic croissants, the perfect vegan breakfast in Paris.


Feeling energetic after this beautiful breakfast we went to our Airbnb studio apartment. It was extremely small, however, cleverly furnished and with a decent kitchen equipment. A two-minute walk away from our place I found a Carrefour City with a big variety of vegan food, including soy desserts and vegan meat alternatives. I was able to cook us a healthy and cheap meal every evening. This way I could spend more money on patisserie and cakes 😉

While my boyfriend took workshops I decided to discover more about the vegan side of Paris. I need to say here that I have been many times in Paris before and therefore had little interest in doing all the touristy things and would rather see something new. If you are going to Paris for the first time: please do all the touristy things, they are fabulous!

I found  Jo and Nana Cakes on the map and decided to walk there. It is a tiny little place with only to stools which were both occupied. After looking at all the delicious things I decided to go for a vegan sausage wrap and an iced tea. In the future, I will have to go back there to try the cakes but at that moment I rather wanted something savoury. I grabbed the food and sat on a bench in a park nearby, enjoyed the sun and the food.

Jo and Nana Cakes

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 14.23.47
Jo and Nana Cakes is on 6 Rue Rennequin, next to the metro station Courcelles. It’s also close to the Arc de Triomphe so you might want to combine both visits in one trip. Click on the picture for more information.

Food: Sweet and savoury treats. My sausage wrap was absolutely delicious.

Drinks: I had a chilled organic iced tea which was perfect for me, no added sugars.

Service: The guy in there was very friendly and helpful

Ambience: It is definitely cosy, unfortunately, it’s very unlikely to get a seat so be prepared to take the food somewhere and enjoy it there.

Summary: A great place, I feel I haven’t discovered it completely by only going for a savoury option. I will do that in the future.



The next day, I felt ready for a bigger adventure so I took the metro to the Louvre and walked from there to Cloud Cakes which lies in a beautiful area full of small shops and restaurants. I loved the piece of Black Forest cake I got. The coffee was also outstandingly good. I even went back with my boyfriend on Monday and he who is very critical of cakes also loved his carrot cake and red velvet cupcake. I got a Tiramisu cupcake in the second round and a cappuccino.

Cloud Cakes


WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 14.23.46 (1)
Cloud Cakes is walking distance from the Louvre. Why not having some cake after visiting the museum? Heavenly Black Forest cake. Click on the picture for more information about Cloud Cakes.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 14.23.45
Carrot cake, red velvet cupcake and Tiramisu cupcake. Click on the picture for more information about Cloud Cakes.


Food: Delicious and a big variety of cakes.

Drinks: Excellent coffee and many other options for hot drinks. Complimentary water, just help yourself.

Service: According to various online reviews the staff was unfriendly, I didn’t share this experience. Both times I was there the staff was friendly and helpful.

Ambience: Modern and cosy interior, there was mellow music in the background. That’s the kind of place where you could easily study for hours or write a blog post about cake 😉

Summary: A place so nice, I had to visit twice and can only recommend everyone to go there.

The last spot we visited was near Jarding du Luxembourg a beautiful park in the heart of Paris. Hot Vog is another small vegan place that offers just four seats outside. We were lucky enough to catch two of these and ate our vegan hot dogs in the sun.

Hot Vog

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 14.23.46

Food: The menu is straightforward, it offers three different hot dogs and a few cakes. We both went for the meal deal which included a hot dog of choice, a drink and a dessert. The hot dog came in a baguette and was really nice. Unfortunately, the cake was super dry. We guess it was from a few days ago which was a shame because the taste was actually superb.

Drinks: We had each a can of organic iced tea which was nice.

Service: The girl behind the counter was friendly and helpful.

Ambience: Well, sitting outside in the sun and eating a hot dog is pretty perfect, isn’t it?

Summary: It’s a nice small meal you can get for a decent price, I can definitely recommend it.


These were my vegan discoveries during this short trip to Paris. Do you have other places that are a must visit for vegans? Please, comment below!

I was positively surprised by the amount of vegan-friendly places in Paris. As I was checking Happy Cow over 700 options came up. Now, I am looking forward to my next vegan trip!

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