A vegan foodie goes raw.

In the past, I have gone raw twice for a couple of weeks and during both times I was over the moon about it. I didn’t do it last year because honestly, summer in the UK isn’t really motivational to go raw. I still missed the experience and so the decision to do it this…

A vegan foodie in Paris!

I haven’t been in Paris for a while and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the French delicacies. Read how I survived my short trip to Paris as a vegan.


Opposite to the common opinion that vegans live a life full of abstinence and follow a boring diet, I discovered way more interesting foods since I have become a vegan. I knew some of them before but not how versatile they actually were. Exactly this versatile use of fresh ingredients has enriched my life and keeps inspiring my cooking on a daily basis.